9 best Black Friday TV deals right now – $219 4K TV, $900 off Sony OLED and more

When it comes to TV sales, most people think Black Friday deals only come out once a year. That’s because for years the day after Thanksgiving was the epicenter of TV discounts and often saw door-breaking deals where 55-inch or 65-inch TVs would be offered for less than $500.

Fortunately, you won’t have to wait to find the best Black Friday TV deals in 2022 – they started on November 1 and many sales run through the end of the month.

That means there are plenty of door-breaking deals right now that don’t require you to stand in a long line outside in the cold – just toss it into your online shopping cart and checkout.

To help you find the best TV deals available right now, I’ve rounded up the best I could find – from the cheapest LED LCD TVs to the best discounts on high-end QD-OLED models – and put them together below.

The cheapest offer? This 24-inch smart TV is only $99

(Image credit: Insignia)

Cheap TVs aren’t always recommended, but if you’re buying a TV as a gift for someone who doesn’t need all the bells and whistles, this 720p Fire TV has a plethora of streaming services and costs just $109.

What you get in this deal is an Amazon Fire TV with a voice remote that lets you search for shows using just your voice. It’s a bit small at just 24 inches and reaches 720p resolution, but that’s not unusual for this size.

If you want anything super cheap, cheaper you will not find.

Growing up? This 75-inch Samsung TV costs $579 at Best Buy


(Image credit: Samsung)

The best part of Black Friday TV shopping is finding a 75-inch TV for an incredibly low price. And that’s exactly what we found with the 75-inch TV690T.

For just $579 at Best Buy, you’re getting yourself a huge LED 4K smart TV. It uses direct LED lighting (better than edge-lit) and supports HDR. If you want to connect it to your smart home platforms, the TV supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and you can stream content from your Apple device using AirPlay 2. For the size, it’s hard to find a lower price point.

Do you want a smart TV? This 43-inch Amazon Fire TV is only $219 at Amazon

Insignia F30 Fire TV

(Image credit: Best Buy)

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It’s not just massive 75-inch TVs and OLEDs being marked down for Black Friday. If you’re shopping on a budget this holiday season, you can save big on entry-level sets.

In this case, this Insignia 43-inch F30 4K TV is on sale for $219 at Amazon (opens in new tab). That’s an $80 savings compared to the full retail price of $299. This is a great choice if you need a second TV for a guest bedroom or office space, but it will get the job done in just about any situation. It offers full 4K Ultra-HD resolution and easy access to the best streaming services. What’s more, you can control the entire TV with just your voice thanks to the integrated Alexa functions.

No need for 4K? This 40-inch Hisense smart TV costs even less

The Hisense A4G on a white background.

(Image credit: Hisense)

While 4K is the de facto new resolution for much streaming content, most cable content is only broadcast in Full HD. If you’re someone who doesn’t feel ready to jump on the 4K bandwagon and would be happy with a 40-inch screen size, the Hisense A4G which is on sale at Best Buy for $149 (opens in new tab) maybe something for you.

Without testing this one ourselves, we can’t claim to know how it would perform, but the specs seem fine for the price. The speakers are probably on the weaker side and the VIDAA smart platform isn’t commonly seen here in the US, so it’s likely to lack some apps, but the core features are all there.

Looking for an OLED? This Sony Bravia OLED costs less than $1,000


(Image credit: Sony)

The cavalcade of OLED TV deals keeps rolling with this excellent deal on last year’s Sony A80J OLED TV. The 55-inch model costs just under a grand at Best Buy at its usual price. That’s a huge price cut and a big discount to start the week.

What we love about Sony’s OLED TVs is their excellent processors that can deliver excellent color accuracy and motion interpolation, as well as their built-in Google TV smart platform. No, they’re not as bright as a Samsung QLED, but we’d argue their image performance is just as good, if not better.

What about the best OLED? Score the award-winning LG C2 OLED with a significant discount

The LG C2 OLED TV on a purple background

(Image credit: LG)

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We love the LG C2 OLED here at Tom’s Guide, so it’s great to see it reduced in price for the Black Friday deals period.

The LG C2 OLED tops our list with best tvs. And that’s why you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this deal on the LG C2 65-inch 4K OLED TV, which is currently 57% off its usual price at Walmart. For context, that’s over $2,000 off!

What makes the C2 OLED a great pickup? Top-level performance, tons of port options, and great gaming features all come together in a streamlined package. It’s a great mix of price and performance, making it an all-round winner.

The No. 1 TV deal? This QD OLED is $1,200 off MSRP

Samsung S95B OLED TV offer

(Image credit: Future)

Want to make the jump to a QD OLED display? Amazon has a lot on the Samsung S95B OLED, Samsung’s first QD-OLED TV.

At the moment you can get $1,200 off the Samsung S95B on Amazon (opens in new tab) for the 65-inch version of the QD-OLED, dropping it from $2,997 to $1,897. For a TV that’s only six months old, that’s a great price – and the lowest we’ve seen yet according to shopper-savvy website CamelCamelCamel (opens in new tab).

The Samsung S95B currently holds a spot on our list of the best TVs of 2022 and the best OLED TVs for its innovative new QD OLED panel.

Want a QLED without breaking the bank? This Amazon Omni TV is now $599

Amazon Omni QLED

(Image credit: Amazon)

Unlike LED-LCD technology, QLED TVs promise a wider color gamut and better brightness and contrast. However, they can be pricey. But that’s not the case with this 65-inch Amazon Omni 4K TV.

Right now you can buy the Amazon 65-inch Omni 4K QLED TV for $599 (opens in new tab), which is a cool savings of $200. Still, cheap doesn’t have to be frugal, as the TV has HDR10/HLG/HDR10+ Adaptive/Dolby Vision IQ support, full array local dimming, and four HDMI ports (one HDMI 2.1 with eARC) offers. You also get Alexa support baked in.

You’ll have to make do with a 60Hz refresh rate panel, but otherwise this TV is well worth your attention.

Another LG OLED TV for a killer price!

A photo of the LG A2 OLED 4K TV on a purple background

(Image credit: Best Buy)

LG TVs always have good discounts around Black Friday, which is why we have another OLED set to highlight.

Right now, the 65-inch LG A2 OLED is priced at $1,196 at Amazon (opens in new tab). That’s a healthy $500 savings; you could get a PS5 or Xbox Series X for that.

It’s an entry-level OLED, so you don’t get a 120Hz refresh rate. But at this size, and with LG’s reputation for making excellent OLED TVs, it’s a discount you don’t want to ignore.

Be sure to check out our Black Friday TV deals live blog and our main Black Friday deals live blog for even more great savings.

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