Airbnb Hawaii gets the message

Hawaii visitors hate all extra charges, especially hidden charges that are not initially reflected in the price offered. This was recently acknowledged by Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb, who called it a “massive problem”. And we agree that it is. Part of the problem seems to improve, another part does not.

Checking today, we found that Airbnb apartment cleaning costs in Hawaii have dropped significantly in recent months. A wide range of fees are charged, but we see them go from zero to as much as $100 or more per night. And, of course, it depends on whether you’re talking about a one-bedroom condo or a huge vacation home in Hawaii.

Airbnb Hawaii’s cleaning fees appear to be correct.

Brian Chesky said, “Actually, I’d like a customer to never see a cleaning fee. So we want hosts to be able to tell me to add these fixed costs, but if you go to Airbnb in the future, I want you to see taxes and ideally nothing else, and that’s where we want to go. ”

Let’s say, Chesky; you still have a long way to go.

Mystery Airbnb service fees in Hawaii still sting.

Airbnb plans to condense each charge into one total price that guests can view on the map of available accommodations. That is good. We found out today that “service charges” can add up to 15% or more of the nightly rate. Airbnb says of that fee, “This helps us run our platform and provide services such as 24/7 support during your trip.” Ouch.

Airbnb: Owners can pay for cleaning, but we will continue to charge our service fees.

Maybe it’s just us, but Airbnb’s entire fee ecosystem seems broken. When you stay in a hotel, you pay the price. They may have their ridiculous fees, which are resort fees. But they also quickly fall out of favor. See hotel picks in Hawaii | Up to 50% hidden fees and taxes. Guests expect to pay only for the rent and the exorbitant taxes. Nothing anymore.

Airbnb is moving in that direction by showing guests the total price.

We like that. Airbnb suggests that most rentals don’t even charge a cleaning fee now, though what we’re finding in Hawaii is just the opposite. Most do charge a cleaning fee; it’s just that those costs have come down recently.

Airbnb fees make the nightly rate somewhat irrelevant.

We’ve been turned off by Airbnb because, for all but long stays, the cleaning fee and ridiculous service charge make the nightly rate almost irrelevant. Airbnb says they know this is the case, and others, like us, can quickly leave the site without completing any bookings for this reason.

Chesky said we should expect major price changes. But by that he may have just meant cleaning costs. Frankly, guests don’t care what you call them or who gets them. They are tired of all the fees.

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