AMD’s innovative new RDNA 3 GPU started as a doodle during a boring meeting

“It’s amazing how much architecture has been done on hotel napkins,” AMD colleague Andy Pomianowski told a roomful of press at AMD’s RDNA 3 launch event. It’s news to me. I had always assumed that a generous amount of smudge board markers would have been the best way to jot down future ideas. Yet RDNA 3’s chiplet architecture was actually first noted on a thin piece of paper in a hotel during an outside staff meeting.

“We’re grappling with challenges. How can we provide the best product to our customers? We’ve had great success in the server and desktop markets, and applying that technology to GPUs wasn’t obvious,” says Sam Naffziger. , corporate fellow at AMD, tells us.

From left to right: Joe Macri, SVP, Corporate Fellow; Andy Pomianowski, Corp. VP, Silicon Design and Engineering; Samuel Naffziger, SVP, Corporate Fellow; Michael Mantor, Corp. Collaborator. (Image credit: Future)

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“Mike [Mantor] and Andy [Pomianowski] had very aggressive goals, a lot of features and goals that we knew we couldn’t achieve in combination without doing something else.

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