Apple’s Shock MacBook Pro decision

If you are looking for a great day-to-day MacBookis it hard to see beyond the MacBook Air. The 2020 MacBook Air M1 is still available for $999 at the Apple Store. The capabilities of the Air will serve a general audience thanks to Apple Silicon.

This leaves the 14-inch and 16-inch “professional” MacBook Pro laptops if you need the power. And that power will be more apparent in the M2 Pro and M2 Max variants of the MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, while the nerds expected it to arrive in October, Apple had other ideas and made the shocking decision to do it postpone the laptops until at least the first calendar quarter of 2023.

What to do with MacBook Pro sales in the last quarter of the year? Apple had made a different decision… to quietly offer discounts until the new macOS laptops go on sale.

While Apple doesn’t have the same zeal in promoting Black Friday discounts, there have been several moves that show the company is working harder than usual to keep sales on the MacBook platform as high as possible.

One is in the retail space, where small business customers can get discounts of up to ten percent on the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models. Those who need to move to the professional MacBook Pro models may have been waiting for the M2-equipped models over the summer. Still, Apple would like you to keep buying the older M1 model that will soon be replaced.

While there may not be any visible discounts for consumers, those looking for a better offer on Apple’s website know to head to the refurbished section of the store (although you may be quicker to use a search engine for the link, Apple gets it is not easy to recognize in the user interface). Here you will find the same larger MacBook Pro models with discounts of up to twenty percent.

Given that refurb MacBooks are generally 10 percent off (all backed by the same AppleCare warranty and options as a brand new machine), that’s an extra discount for consumers looking at the larger MacBook Pro laptops.

The mystique surrounding Apple has extended to prices, and browsing the Apple Store reveals little out of the ordinary. But just under the surface, Tim Cook and his team are quietly offering more discounts to boost MacBook sales in the last quarter of the year. In other years, this would be the role of a new release; with the delay of the M2 Pro and M2 Max variants of the MacBook Pro, Apple has decided to lean more into the brave new world of discount offerings.

If you want as much power as possible, you’ll have to wait for the M2 family. Now if you need a lot of performance then you’re looking at the M1 choices, with the added temptation of those discounts. Apple has made its decision. Now you need to make yours.

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