Beautiful aerial view of Norway’s pulpit rock leaves the internet in awe

Pulpit Rock is a unique square rocky cliff 604 meters above sea level

Some of nature’s creations are truly impressive and breathtaking, just waiting to be appreciated. However, at the same time, such creations can be scary and leave you with a sense of wonder. One such location is Norway’s iconic Preikestolen, also known as Pulpit Rock, which offers breathtaking clifftop views as a backdrop. The famous mountaintop location was also featured in the Tom Cruise starrer movie ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’and served as the film’s final suspense location.

Pulpit Rock is a unique square rocky cliff 604 meters above sea level overlooking the Lysefjord in Norway. Due to the fact that there are no railings or barricades around the cliff, it poses a degree of tension and risk. The rock is best known for its uniform flat surface, which measures 25 by 25 meters. (25 by 25 meters).

Now a video has surfaced on Twitter capturing a stunning aerial view of the site, with several people on it, leaving people in awe. The video posted by Science Girl was captioned: “‘At the southwestern tip of Norway is an almost vertical cliff with a flat plateau, with incredible views over the Lysefjord. This is called pulpit rock.”

Watch the video here:

The 16-second video has gone viral, with 20 lakh views, over 27,000 likes and over 4,600 retweets and quote tweets. People in the comment section also posted more breathtaking photos of the scenic location and shared their experiences hiking to Pulpit Rock.

While many travel enthusiasts expressed a desire to visit the Rock, others said the sheer cliff made them anxious.

One user wrote: “I literally go crazy watching and reading this. I feel it in my legs. I have the urge to lay flat on the floor. From my living room.” Another said: “The smartest people once couldn’t convince me that the thing would fall off in minutes.” Others wondered why there are no railings or fences, while some noted that the deep crevice in the cliff could eventually lead to safety issues. A third commented, “It strikes me that there’s a big crack on the back of that square!”

However, the location is quite popular and attracts many people every day during the peak months. According to VisitNorway.Com, the walk to Preikestolen is eight kilometers in total and the journey there and back takes four hours. The walk is of medium difficulty.

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