Black Friday iPad deals live blog: Our pick of the biggest iPad Pro, Mini and Air savings online right now


A common complaint about iPads is that the entry-level models don’t come with much storage (only 64GB) and you have to pay what seems an awful lot more to get a larger capacity. Fortunately, you can get around this to some extent with an external SSD – you can access the contents of this (samples, projects, etc.) using the Files app.

All but one of the iPads in Apple’s current range have a USB-C port (the 9th generation 10.2-inch model is the outlier), so connecting a drive is as easy as plugging in a cable. There are plenty of SSD Cyber ​​savings to be found on Amazon US and Amazon UK – we found this Crucial X6 2TB USB-C model on Amazon UK (with read speeds of up to 800MB/s) for just £106.99, down from a suggested retail price of £211 (opens in new tab).

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Inevitably the cheapest Cyber ​​Weekend iPad deals tend to be on the Wi-Fi models, but we know some of you like the data-driven freedom that comes with owning a table that also has cellular capabilities. has.

If you’re one of those people and you love the US, it’s worth stopping by the Walmart website, where you’ll find deals on both the 2020 and 2022 mobile-friendly iPad Airs.

The older model is the cheaper option – for $569 (was $679) you get a 4th Gen cellular iPad Air with 64GB of storage (opens in new tab). There’s an A14 Bionic chip tucked into it, so it’s certainly no slouch.

If you’re willing to spend another $100, the 5th Gen M1-powered 2022 iPad Air with 64GB of storage is yours for $669 (was $749) (opens in new tab).

iPad Air 2022

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Amazon UK has taken £50 off its 2022 12.9-inch M2-powered iPad Pro (AKA the biggest and best iPad you can buy), dropping the price to the still substantial £1,999 (opens in new tab). There’s no denying that this remains a lot of money to pay for a tablet, but if it’s the one you’re looking for, any kind of discount is better than nothing.

Apple iPad Pro M2

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A keyboard case is by no means an essential iPad purchase – many people can do just fine without it – but if you think of your Apple tablet as a laptop replacement, or think you might want to use it for occasional typing, time, it is a good investment.

Amazon currently has this Logictech Slim Folio iPad Keyboard Case for just £49.99 (down from £89.99) (opens in new tab)and is compatible with 7th, 8th and 9th generation ‘standard’ models. There’s no touchpad, but grab a Bluetooth mouse and it’s no problem.

Logitech iPad keyboard case

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It may ‘only’ have an M1 processor, unlike the latest M2, but at $799.99, the 2021 12.9-inch iPad Pro is a great buy from Best Buy (opens in new tab). For that money, you get a still state-of-the-art tablet with a super-sized screen, and now that the iOS music-making ecosystem is so mature, it can even serve as a laptop replacement.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inches

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Here’s a great deal on the 9th generation ‘standard’ iPad – down from $330 to $270 at Best Buy in the US. (opens in new tab) (that’s a savings of $60, number of fans). OK, it doesn’t have the full screen design of the other models, but you get a 10.2-inch Retina display, A13 Bionic chip and 64GB of storage. Sounds good to us.

Best tablet for music production: Apple iPad

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