Chinese woman goes viral after stating she prefers ‘high-end singlehood’ to ‘low-end marriage’

A Chinese woman has gone viral after stating that she prefers “high-quality singleness” to “low-value marriage.”

The 36-year-old unnamed woman, who lives alone in her home in Dalian, a city in China’s Liaoning province, said she would prefer to live alone and be independent then enter into a relationship to get married.

In a video posted by Star videothe woman says she disagrees with the belief that “marriage is a guaranteed utopia or refuge,” adding that while marriage can provide stability and a home, it can also lead to less freedom.

“I think women today are no longer living to the age where they depend on men in marriage, so I’m finding my way to live my life,” she says.

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The woman shows her calm and slow lifestyle in the video, as she hangs out in her pajamas in her house and cooks meals that she likes. Her story has reportedly received over 270,000 views and over 27,000 comments from social media users.

Getting married at a certain age is a cultural norm in China. When a woman remains single after 27 years, she is usually labeled as a “sheng nu” or “remaining woman‘, a derogatory term used to describe single women.

The woman in the video is ordinary one of many women in China standing up to the pressure to get married. According to China’s National Bureau of Statisticsthe number of Chinese who chose to remain single fell by 41% from 23.8 million in 2013 to 13.9 million in 2019.

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Although the Chinese government banned arranged marriages when it passed the new marriage law in 1950, the practice is still common in China, with parents forcing their adult children to marry. Some parents even place advertisements on the “marriage market.”

Several social media users applauded the woman in the video for her independence. “I don’t judge her choice because she is free to make her own decisions, but I support her to live for herself,” one user wrote, according to South China Morning Mail.

However, others disagreed with her life choices.

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What will she do when she gets older? She won’t find anyone to keep her company,” one user reportedly wrote.

She is selfish. If many people thought like them, where would the next generations come from?” another user reportedly commented.

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