Dubai: Emirates issues guidelines for travelers carrying power banks and electronic devices – News

The advice comes as the holiday season arrives, with a significant increase in air passenger traffic


published: Thu 24 Nov 2022, 13:14

Last updated: Thu 24 Nov 2022, 1:30 PM

Emirates Airline has asked passengers not to bring more than 15 electronic devices and to pack them properly. It said each device had to be packaged separately, warning travelers that authorities could confiscate devices if they exceed the limit, as well as devices that are not packaged properly.

“Customers are reminded not to carry or check in more than 15 Personal Electronic Devices (PED). Personal electronic items should be packaged separately and not taped or attached to any other electrical item,” Dubai’s flagship said in a statement on its website.

“For security reasons, authorities may seize items that are poorly packaged, or if the number of items carried exceeds the limit of 15 PEDs per passenger.”

The advice comes as the holiday season arrives, with a significant increase in air passenger traffic. Emirates has announced a busy travel window for both inbound and outbound travel through Dubai for December, advising passengers to arrive at the airport three hours before their flight.

In addition, for safety reasons, Emirates does not accept personal motorized vehicles such as hoverboards, mini-Segways and smart or self-balancing wheels on its flights. It also prohibits the carriage of all such devices – with or without batteries – as checked or cabin baggage.

While batteries, including lithium metal, and power banks, for portable electronic devices may only be carried by passengers in hand luggage. These batteries must be individually protected to prevent short circuits.

Passengers are also not allowed to take drones on board as hand luggage, but they can be accepted as checked luggage. In addition, passengers are also asked to secure the lithium batteries in the drone or remove the batteries and carry them in hand luggage.

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