Gordon Hayward is out indefinitely with a broken shoulder, which his wife said the Hornets had to play him through

Gordon Hayward picking up a major injury isn’t a shocking development at this point, but his wife going after the Charlotte Hornets for allegedly mishandling his health could raise a few eyebrows.

The Hornets forward’s day began when the team ruled him out for Friday’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves with what it called a shoulder contusion. The injury was apparently the same one that caused him to miss eight games earlier this month, but he had since returned and played in three games.

That last game had been tough, with Hayward posting seven points on 3-of-10 shooting with two rebounds, three assists and four turnovers.

Robyn Hayward, the player’s wife, chose to respond by posting a screenshot of the Hornets’ official injury report showing the bruise line and revealing what she believed to be the real story: Hayward had suffered a fractured left scalpula, also known as called the shoulder blade, and the Hornets let him play through it.

She sounded quite frustrated with the way the team had treated her husband and said the team had failed to protect not only Gordon, but other players as well.

Robyn Hayward spills the tea on the Hornets

Screenshot from Robyn Hayward’s Instagram story. (Instagram)

Screenshot from Robyn Hayward's Instagram story.  He actually has a broken scapula.....which they let him play with the last game...that's why he couldn't raise his arm in the last game...everyone who knows Gordon knows he only has one goal and that is winning and playing the right way, he is the most truthful player/person you can find.  If he's not going to play, it's for more than a bruise... I'll stop there and not get into previous things.  (Instagram)

Screenshot from Robyn Hayward’s Instagram story. (Instagram)

The full text of Hayward’s Instagram statement:

He actually has a broken scapula…..which they let him play with the last game…that’s why he couldn’t raise his arm in the last game…everyone who knows Gordon knows he has one goal and that is to win and play the right way, he is the most truthful player/person you can find. If he’s not going to play, it’s for more than a bruise….

I’ll stop there and not go into previous stuff.

Hayward didn’t stop there.

Just to clarify – since the team doesn’t say it. It’s a fracture in the shoulder. That’s a broken bone. I’m over the fact that they don’t protect players. I was just talking to a young player’s mother and she said the same thing….

About an hour later, Shams Charania of The Athletic reported that Hayward will be sidelined indefinitely with a broken left shoulder.

Regardless of the circumstances, a broken shoulder is a ruthless course of action for a player familiar with brutal events.

Hornets’ Gordon Hayward suffers another injury

Since leaving the Utah Jazz in 2017, Hayward has suffered a broken tibia, a broken hand, an ankle sprain, another ankle sprain, a broken finger, a foot injury that required a cast and now this, plus a stay on concussion protocol.

There may not be a more snake-bitten player in the NBA, which is tough on both Hayward and the team that signed him to a four-year, $120 million contract in 2020.

In three seasons with the Hornets, Hayward played a total of 104 games and averaged 17.5 points on 46.4 percent shooting (40.0 percent from deep), 5.1 rebounds and 3.9 assists. He’s still an effective player on the pitch, he just hasn’t been able to stay on the pitch.

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