Gungrave GORE Now Available – Launch Day Interview With Studio IGGYMOB

20 years ago, the third-person action game Gungrave launched for PlayStation 2. Today, the shooting anti-hero Beyond the Grave returns Gungrave GOREthe first Orthodox sequel in the series since its 2004 sequel Gungrave: Overdose. This time it’s headed by Studio IGGYMOB, a South Korean developer whose first venture into the franchise is the 2017-released Gungrave VR for virtual reality headsets.

“When we looked at it as a studio, we liked that both the gameplay and the characters gave us this nostalgic feeling,” Kay Kim, chief operating officer of Studio IGGYMOB, told Gematsu. “With the original, people fell in love with the game’s distinct look and design in this over-the-top world. That distinctive gameplay and charm of the character played a major role in our decision to get the Gungrave intellectual property. As fans of the series, it was a new and exciting challenge.”

The first Gungrave was developed by RED Entertainment, which still owns the intellectual property rights. While the gameplay received mixed reception at the time, Yasuhiro Nightow’s character designs were highly praised. And although RED Entertainment is not directly involved Gungrave GORENightow is still on board in a big way.

“Nightow played an active and important role as image director for the Gungrave GOREKim explained. “In particular, we worked with Nightow on the character design, poses and more. Later, Nightow also helped us come up with names and designs for the skills, broadening his role as image director even further.”

But waiting for a new one Gungrave has been coming for a long time. Gungrave GORE was announced way back in December 2017 and once had a firm release window of winter 2019, but faced multiple delays as Studio IGGYMOB struggled to find an investor.

“At the time, mobile games were the biggest market in Korea, so it was hard to get an investment as a console game,” said Kim. “The release of the game has been delayed due to a mix of financial issues and changing game designs. Initially, we designed the game to be semi-open world, but we quickly realized that it didn’t fit the nature of Gungrave franchise. Looking back, it feels funny now to think that we made the title almost semi-open-world, but we were really serious about it back then.

While the idea of ​​an open world was pushed aside, Gungrave GORE is packed with both new features in addition Gungrave series of pillars.

Kim explains, “First of all, we felt it was important to include iconic elements of the franchise, specifically keeping unlimited ammo in play. Also, the destruction and high-speed shooting have been improved with a stylish new look. We added fresh and exciting gameplay that made the feel of the game stronger. We added several systems to make the gameplay cooler and more fun.

“Our favorite new element is ‘The Storm Barrage’, which allows players to unleash bullets like a storm. We also have things like ‘RIP’, which stuns enemies in one hit, and ‘Chase’, which allows players to penetrate enemy lines. Finally, ‘Grab’ is a lot of fun: it allows you to pull enemies in front of players during battle. There are so many fun and tough melee attack systems that have been added to the game, we are excited that gamers are getting into it and enjoying it.”

Gungrave GORE

To that end, Grave has some new weapons in addition to his signature Cerberus and Death Hauler. And even those have been upgraded.

“The ‘Cerberus’ and ‘Death Hauler’ are still here, but they have more abilities and we’ve added new features to the Death Hauler. In previous iterations there was no growth, but in Gungrave GORE, the player can expand and strengthen his skills and abilities by upgrading. This becomes an important factor in immersion and multiple rounds of play.

Gungave GORE takes place on the fictional island of “Scumland” in Southeast Asia after the events of Gungrave: Overdosebut having played previous games in the series isn’t integral to following the story, Kim explained.

“In the main menu you will find a history section that informs all players about the previous titles and the story. So even if players have never been a Gungrave game before it will be easy for them to jump in. Even those who have experience with the previous iterations of the Gungrave franchise can remind itself of the story with history section.

Gungrave GORE

Of Gungrave GORE Studio IGGYMOB is available today at retailers and digital storefronts and looks forward to the future of the Gungrave franchise.

“We made sure that this new iteration maintains the legitimacy of the Gungrave franchise but also elevates it,” Kim said. “Especially with things like the growth system, but also more rewards within different difficulty levels for multiple rounds of play. Completing the game’s hardest mode will allow Brandon Heat to enter the game first. I think it’s a debatable value as a fan. It will also be fun to challenge gamers for the highest number of kills.

“We have some ideas for that [downloadable content], but we have nothing to share at the moment… We are planning the next sequel. If Gungrave GORE becomes successful, there is a greater chance that we can develop a follow-up. We will have to wait.”

Gungrave GORE is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam and via Xbox Game Pass.

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