Jerry Jones had a conversation with Odell Beckham on Thursday

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would not confirm that the team has a December 5 appointment with free agent receiver Odell Beckham. But Jones did admit that he had a phone call with Beckham on Thursday as Beckham’s recruiting by the Cowboys continues.

The Cowboys traded for Charles Haley in 1992, and the future Hall of Fame edge rusher became a key cog in the team’s three Super Bowls in four years. They added cornerback Deion Sanders in 1995, causing him to leave the 49ers and sign with the Cowboys as a free agent.

The Cowboys have since unsuccessfully tried to find that player who would take them over the top and continue to yearn for another Super Bowl.

Could Beckham be that player for the 2022 Cowboys?

“Well, I don’t want to make comparisons,” Jones said when asked the question, “but Odell could help us. I believe that now. Now we have to make it fit and that is the challenge here.”

The Cowboys had six different players catch passes in Thursday’s 28-20 victory over the Giants led by CeeDee Lamb’s six for 106, prompting Jones to say he feels “good about our receiving corps period, right now” .

Beckham, if healthy, would help the Cowboys.

“Well, I think Odell stands alone as far as he can be additive, and I believe so,” Jones said. “So we’ll approach it from that standpoint.”

The last time Beckham tore his anterior cruciate ligament, it took him 11 months to return. He tore it in Super Bowl LVI on February 13 and had surgery on February 22.

Beckham has reportedly already received medical clearance to return to football activities.

“We’ll see. We’ll have to see,” Jones said when asked about Beckham’s knee. “I haven’t gotten the benefit of his rehab work and where he is.”

Cornerback Brandon Carr was the last big-money free agent the Cowboys signed when they agreed to a five-year, $50.1 million deal with him on the first day of free agency in 2012. Defensive end Greg Hardy was the last name player the Cowboys in free agency that created a buzz (for more than his play) when he signed a one-year, $11.3 million contract in 2015.

They have not pledged big money to known free agents from other teams in recent years.

Von Miller is one of the free agents the Cowboys have missed, as other teams outbid them.

Jones admitted that Beckham’s health and Beckham’s asking price will both play a role.

“I just think in general how we make this fit, and all that,” Jones said. “The availability is huge, but the financial part of it is also really huge.”

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