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The Prince and Princess of Wales will learn about Boston’s efforts to combat the effects of climate change and attend an awards ceremony. This will be Kate and William’s first trip to the US since 2014, when they traveled to New York for a series of engagements and had an “absolute blast”.

The royal tour will take place from November 30 to December 2, when Kate will also visit the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University, which partners with her own Center for Early Childhood, as part of a solo engagement.

During the Earthshot Prize innovation summit, Prince William revealed in a video message their plans to visit the US at the end of the fall and said they were both “so excited” to travel to Boston.

Speaking at the innovation summit earlier this year, which Prince William was unable to attend due to Queen Elizabeth’s passing, he explained: “While it is the saddest of circumstances that prevent me from being with you in person today, I am pleased to be there. can be you in video form as you gather in New York for the Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit.

“During this time of sorrow, I take great comfort in your continued enthusiasm, optimism and commitment to the Earthshot Prize and to what we are trying to accomplish. Protecting the environment was a cause close to my grandmother’s heart.

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“And I know she would have been thrilled to hear about this event and the support you all give to our Earthshot finalists, the next generation of environmental pioneers.”

Robert Jobson, co-author of the book Diana: Closely Guarded Secret, opined that William and Kate will “imprint their personalities” on future tours, saying the couple “insist on doing it their way”, but explained that royal tours rarely change.

He commented: “I have been on royal tours for over 30 years. In that time the format has rarely changed. Even those of Princess Diana, the woman who would have changed the monarchy, followed a set pattern of formal dinners, speeches , walkabouts, hospital and school visits and happy politicians, some had a dark past.

“The overseas visits are not organized by the royals themselves, although they have some input, but are largely commissioned by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, or in the case of Realms, by the host country itself.


“If they insist — or at least strongly desire — that the royal director drive a vintage Landrover on a passout parade once used by the Queen in bygone colonial times, as happened to William and Kate, it will be nine of the ten times happen.”

Kate and William get the chance to visit the beautiful city of Boston, Massachusetts. Boston is the state capital and also a cultural and financial center of the New England region, in the northeastern United States.

The royal couple is likely to fly from London to Boston Logan International Airport, and if they have some free time between official appointments, they can visit some of the city’s most famous landmarks.

The Boston Public Library opened in 1852 as the first free government-sponsored municipal library in America and is now one of the most popular attractions in the city. Visitors have described it as “a must-see” on the Tripadvisor travel site.

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Some tourists recommended visiting the stadium even “if you are not a baseball fan” and others added that it was a “great experience” and thus “worth it”. The best way to do this is to book one of the tours.

“Great tour and beautiful rooms full of historical memorabilia,” said one visitor. Another popular attraction is Boston Harbor Islands State Park, a national park made up of 34 small islands just offshore in Boston Harbor.

People can take one of the ferries to visit some of the islands, George Island being the most famous. On their last US tour in 2014, the pair were spotted “visiting museums, attending an NBA basketball game, meeting Beyoncé and more,” a source revealed.

This time around, Kate and William “look forward to putting some personal time into their lives and reliving a similar experience”. They may also be planning to “go to New York soon where they can enjoy the festivities leading up to Christmas,” an insider explains.

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