Mugen Souls is coming to Switch in Spring 2023

Eastasiasoft will release a Switch version of the RPG developed by Compile Heart Mugen souls in the spring of 2023, the company announced.

Pre-orders for physical editions will open on November 24 at 7AM PT / 10AM ET via Play-Asia. (You can also save five percent with our one-time “GEMATSU4“coupon code or multiple use”GEMATSUCOMcoupon code.) It will be available in both $39.99 standard and $59.99 limited editions. Only 3,000 limited editions will be produced. It includes the game, manual, soundtrack CD, artbook, sticker set, and the numbered certificate in a collection box.

The Switch version of the game includes all previously released add-on content, “content faithful to the original Japanese release”, and full English language support for both text and audio.

“We are extremely proud of it Mugen souls to new players on the Nintendo Switch, especially as this marks the first time an English version of the game has featured the final content from the original Japanese release,” said Eastasiasoft Project Lead Joshua Michael French in a press release. “Players who enjoyed Moero Crystal H and Seven Pirates H will find even more to love here, and we hope to continue this partnership with Idea Factory to continue making games like this a reality!”

Here’s an overview of the game, via eastasiasoft:


Bring the universe to its knees and look cute in this cult classic JRPG!

Join Chou-Chou on her quest to conquer the universe and its seven worlds! In this anime-style JRPG, you take command of trusty companion Altis, trusty peon Ryuto, and more, as Chou-Chou transforms each world’s heroes and demon lords into her personal servants, freeing the universe from conflict under her ultimate control . But is everything going as planned?

Mugen souls features turn-based combat on a free-roaming battle map, group and skill customization, expansive worlds to explore, and plenty of that “Moe” aesthetic that fans love! Destroy crystals on the battlefield to activate Hyper Mode, perform combos and use Moe Kill techniques to enslave enemies and turn them into items by exploiting their weaknesses. Create a unique cast of minions by customizing body parts, facial expressions, feature classes, and more!

This updated version of Mugen souls includes all previous extras while faithfully adapting the content of the Japanese original, making it the ultimate way to experience this cult classic JRPG!

Most important features

  • Explore seven vibrant worlds and conquer the universe!
  • Fight monsters on free-roaming battle maps and make them your servants.
  • Perform spectacular combos with your allies!
  • Create unique characters by customizing body parts, faces, and feature classes.
  • Enjoy ‘moe’ aesthetics and over-the-top anime style!

Watch the opening video below. Check out the first screenshots of the Switch version in the gallery.

Opening movie

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