Paramedic treats fatally injured teen at accident scene without realizing it’s her daughter

A paramedic in Canada rushed to the scene of an accident and tried to save the lives of two teenage girls without realizing that one of the victims was her daughter.

Jayme Erickson, the paramedic, spent more than 20 minutes trying to save the life of her 17-year-old daughter Montana, whom she initially did not recognize due to the severity of the injuries she sustained.

The teen eventually died in hospital a few days later.

The crash occurred on November 15. Ms Erickson said her “worst nightmare as a paramedic has come true” in a post she posted on her Facebook.

According to The Washington Post, the incident took place in Airdrie, Alberta, where Ms. Erickson was on duty. She and a colleague were called to the scene of a serious car accident. When they arrived, they found a couple of teenagers walking their dogs who were injured after their car collided with a truck.

The passenger in the car was seriously injured and trapped in the vehicle. The fire service was called to free the passenger. During that time, Ms. Erickson remained in the vehicle with the passenger to ensure the girl’s airway was clear.

The teenager was eventually airlifted to a nearby hospital, after which Ms Erickson went home to finish her shift. Shortly after returning home, she was visited by police officers who told her that Montana had been in an accident and was rushed to an emergency room.

When Ms. Erickson arrived at the hospital to see her daughter, she found the girl from the original accident with whom she had been sitting for more than 20 minutes.

“When she entered the room, she was shocked to find alive the girl she had been with in the back of the collapsed vehicle…was Jayme’s own daughter. Jayme unknowingly kept alive her own daughter,” Richard Reed, a fellow paramedic told reporters at a Tuesday news conference.

Montana eventually died in hospital three days after the crash. Both the driver of the car and the passenger of the truck survived, according to local reports.

An investigation into the crash is ongoing.

Ms Erickson shared her grief in a Facebook post after her daughter died.

“The pain I feel is like no pain I’ve ever felt, it’s indescribable,” she wrote. “The critically injured patient I had just attended to was my own flesh and blood. My only child. My mini-me.”

She openly wondered who her daughter would have become if she had survived the accident. Ms Erickson said she was grateful for the 17 years she had with her daughter.

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