Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starter Evolutions Guide for Fuecoco, Quaxly and Sprigatito

There’s a new generation of Pokemon, and as usual that means you’ve got another roster of three starter Pokemon to choose from. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet don’t break too much with tradition and once again present you with three cute creatures that represent the three most basic types in the series: fire (Fuecoco), water (Quaxly) and grass (Sprigatito). But before you make your choice, you might want to know more about what they eventually become through their evolution, and that’s where we can help.

Spoilers follow.

Ultimately, the final evolutions of all three Pokemon revolve around different kinds of stage performers. As a result, they all look bipedal to some degree. For example, cute little Fuecoco becomes Skeledirge, the “Singer Pokemon,” and his entry into the Pokedex mirrors the pose of an opera singer.

The three also get some unusual subtypes this time around. Typically, Fire is paired with Fighting, to the point that Pokemon fans joke about the replay, but this time it’s Quaxly’s water evolution that gets a Fighting sub-type. Fuecoco evolves into a Fire and Ghost type, while Sprigatito gains Grass and Dark combo. They also each learn a handful of other types of moves – for example, Sprigatito eventually learns the Fairy-type move Play Rough.

Whatever you choose, your rival Nemona will choose the one weak to it. For example, if you choose Sprigatito, you will regularly compete with Nemona and her Quaxly, because water is weak for grass. Which one you ultimately choose will come down to personal preference, and as always, there will be plenty of Fire, Water, and Grass Pokémon roaming the wild to fill any gaps in your roster.

Sprigatito – Floragato – Meowscarada (Magician Pokemon) – Grass, dark


Fuecoco – Crocalor – Skeledirge (Singer Pokemon) – Fire, Spirit


Quaxly – Quaxwell – Quaquaval (Dancer Pokemon) – Water, fighting


Fuecoco is probably the choice if you want the smoothest path through the early game. While the gyms can technically be taken in any order, their gym leaders will have progressively more powerful Pokemon, and those won’t scale with your level. Since the easiest two gyms are Bug and Grass – both weak to fire – Fuecoco will speed you through the early game until you can build up a larger roster of monsters. As a bonus, the final Ghost type will help in later matchups against other powerful Psychic and Ghost opponents. Check out our guide to ordering badges for more information on the order in which to play the open world game.

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