PS5 Exploit: Debug Menu + JAR Loader (BD-JB Version)

Developer John Tornblom has added support for the Debug menu + a JAR Loader (based on Hammer 83 work) to his Kernel exploit implementation on the PS5.

The debug menu might feel a bit underwhelming at this point, as it’s been enabled on the webkit exploit for a while (and besides, he actually submitted that code change a week ago…we’re a bit late on that), but people are running on the BD-JB exploit will be happy to receive this feature.

More important, in my opinion, is the JAR Loader, which basically allows you to load a Java binary file (rather than a typical ELF file, as is the case with the current implementation of the webkit exploit). Developer Hammer 83 provided such an implementation yesterday (here), and John added similar functionality to his repository shortly after.

I have a feeling that people who aren’t confident building an ELF file with the PS5 Homebrew SDK will be happy with the ability to send Java files as payloads to their hacked PS5.

PS5 Exploit – Webkit or BD-JB, which is the best?

Seeing those releases compete with each other when it comes to the Webkit implementation or the BD-JB implementation leaves many of us scratching our heads over which is the best way to go.

At the moment there is no clear winner (well, if you’re on a digital PS5 like me, you have no choice, it’s just Webkit). In terms of stability, both exploits seem pretty reliable, although a few people have said that the Webkit exploit is generally easier to work with.

The Webkit exploit would certainly be the way to go if we wanted to reach as many users as possible, but it might not be that simple. Ultimately, it will depend on which firmware (and which pair of exploits) make progress in hacking the PS5 hypervisor. Firmware 3.00 is rumored to fix major issues and people staying on lower firmware could be rewarded in the long run.

PS5 BD-JB + Kernel Exploit – Download and run

You can download John’s latest code here:

Building instructions are included in the readme, but as a reminder, the goal is to generate an ISO file that you will burn to a Blu-Ray disc. The iso is designed to take advantage of the BD-JB exploit, followed by the IPV6 Kernel exploit, to allow you to run unsigned code on the PS5 (you need a PS5 with firmware 4.51 or lower)

You can find Blu Ray burners fairly cheaply on Amazon and other retailers (make sure they support BD-RE and Dual Layer DL). TheFloW has specified that he used Rewritable Verbatim (BD-RE) disks in his experiments. (affiliate links)

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