Rare batch of ‘old computers’ found in grandparents’ basement

Reddit user c-wizz had discovered a bunch of “old computers” in their grandparents’ basement and posted some pictures of their loot and has since learned how popular these really are. At the risk of sounding like a millennial (which I am, although I don’t identify as one), these PCs really take the cake when it comes to computing history. Of course, they are not as old as the oldest computer ever discovered (opens in new tab)but a real history is being discovered here.

The computers c-wizz posted (opens in new tab) about the LGP-30, among others (opens in new tab), which came out in 1956, and that interface looks more like a typewriter than any modern machine I’ve seen. It came in at a MSRP of $47,000, which equates to about $458,522 (£390,970) in today’s money, although the rarity will make it worth a lot more if they decide to resell it. This model happens to be a Eurocomp which, according to Time-Line Computer Archive (opens in new tab)is one of only 45 made by Schoppe & Faeser.

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