Scientists discover how and when our sun will end | Science

Everything comes to an end, even the sun. When and how exactly that will happen has long been a mystery. But now scientists think they know how the massive star will end. One thing is certain: we will not be here to experience it.

The sun, the star in our solar system, started about 4.5 billion years ago from a cloud of dust and gas (hydrogen nebula) that began to collapse under the influence of gravity. It is expected to take another 5 billion years before it gradually transforms into a supernova, the phenomenon in which a star explodes in a spectacular way. Presumably the sun will first turn into a red giant: the core of the star will shrink and the outer layers will expand, so the sun becomes bigger and brighter. The explosion itself is expected to take another 5 billion years. In short, more than 10 billion years tells the story of the sun coming to an end.


From reed giant to white dwarf

As soon as the sun turns into a red giant, it is actually already dying. eventually, during the final chapter of the story, all that remains of the sun is a white dwarf. In such a white dwarf nuclear reactions no longer take place and the mass has become very small. Finally, the core of such a white dwarf cools and turns into a black dwarf.

end all nuclear fusion stops in the star and eject this material. This material forms a planetary nebula around the star’s core. But that nebula won’t last forever either. The gas that creates the nebula disappears and all that remains is the core of the star: a white dwarf. This core cooler continues and will eventually turn into a black dwarf, no light will then be emitted from more heat.

Humanity should not worry. Our end is much faster there. Leaving aside climate change and other external health, humans have only one billion years to go. The sun decreases in brightness by 10 percent every billion years. As a result, oceans will evaporate and the earth will be predicted to transform into a future desert unlivable for humans.

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