The best Cyber ​​Monday technology deal

Cyber ​​Monday brings ridiculous prices: an $80 Chromebook, a 58-inch TV for $470, and $870 off a gaming PC. (Photos: Amazon)

If you missed the rush of Black Friday sales, that might be a good thing: Cyber ​​Monday usually brings even better prices for tech. But many people know it, which means competition will be high. So take a moment to get your hands on some stems before they disappear. If you’ve been putting off a TV purchase, now’s the time to take the plunge: This premium 58-inch model somehow only costs $470, and this best-selling 32-inch TV for the kitchen or bedroom only costs $100 (over 40% off). Need gifts? This Galaxy tablet is $100 off. Remember that many shoppers will compete for the best deals, so scroll and click right away!

Best Cyber ​​Monday TV Deals

Best Buy

Toshiba 32 inch Smart Fire TV

$130$200Save $70

You can’t go wrong with a well known brand for such a bargain. It’s great as a secondary TV for a bedroom, kitchen or garage — or even as a full-sized monitor. The Fire TV functionality makes it easy to stream.

$130 at Best Buy

“Great TV! Great choice for our guest room. Easy to install and hang on the wall. Navigating was easy. Beautiful picture…,” said one customer.

  • Brand new Insignia 32-inch Smart Fire TV from the F20 series

    $100$180Save $80


  • Amazon Fire TV 55″ 4 Series 4K UHD Smart TV

    $330$520Save $190


  • Samsung 65 inch Smart TV with Alexa built in

    $548$648Save $100


  • Samsung 75 inch 4K Smart TV

    $998$1,398Save $400


Best Cyber ​​Monday Laptop Deals


Acer Chromebook 512 laptop

$115$200Save $85

Only $115 for a laptop? Wow! This Acer Chromebook doesn’t pack a lot of power, but it’s more than enough for everyday work or on the go. At this price it’s hard to say no.

$115 at Amazon

“I have a desktop and a larger Chromebook. I take this smaller one with me everywhere. It’s so light I can put it in a carrying case and have it with me when I need it. It’s easy to use and look at of videos, the picture is fantastic (my cat also likes to watch bird videos on it),” said one customer.


14-inch laptop with Windows 20

$230$260Save $30

This laptop has everything it needs to be a WFH powerhouse, with 64GB of onboard storage, a clear 14-inch display, and an annual subscription to Microsoft 365 included with the purchase.

$230 at Amazon

“Good everyday laptop. Like the speed, works great. Perfect for everyday use,” said one customer.

“The laptop boots up really fast and runs great. I installed Fortnite and CSGO and both games run smoothly. It’s a nice computer and the keyboard backlight looks great. I connected it to a 27″ monitor with a resolution of 1080 and the picture looks very good. I recommend it,” said one customer.

  • Asus Chromebook C203XA Rugged and spill-resistant laptop

    $138$250Save $112


  • HP Pavilion x360 convertible 14-inch laptop

    $562$780Save $218


  • Lenovo Flex 5 Laptop, 14.0-inch FHD Touch Screen

    $600$800Save $200


Best deals on headphones and earbuds on Cyber ​​​​​​Monday

“Very comfortable in the ear. Had them on and forgot they were in my ear – didn’t think I’d be wearing them for long as I’m not fond of earphones. And the case can be charged separately,” said one reviewer .

“If you’re looking for a solid alternative to AirPod Pros, this is it. The ANC and sound and connectivity are very good. They come with 4 different sizes of caps which are very helpful when fitting. I use these mainly in the gym and they keep me in the zone without worrying about them falling out. 100% worth it,” said one customer.

One user said, “This is how Bluetooth earbuds should all be! Easy to pair with your Samsung phone, no special software or complicated setup process to deal with, and they pair consistently with the phone and work as they should. Other brands of bud frustrated me so much that I threw them in the trash and got this one instead. Highly recommended!”

  • Jabra Elite 3 in-ear wireless Bluetooth earbuds

    $48$80Save $32


  • Hercules DJ HDP DJ60 Headphones

    $57$70Save $13


  • JBL Quantum TWS Noise Canceling Gaming Earbuds)

    $80$150Save $70


  • Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 Earbuds

    $200$250Save $50


Best Cyber ​​Monday smart home deals

“I love that this works with Apple. When I exit the drive it asks me if I want to use my automation and locks my door for me. I can lock and unlock my phone from anywhere. I don’t have one had no issues with it until now and have had it for about a month now Easy to install and set up…definitely recommended!” said one user.


Nest Smart Thermostat

$115$155Save $40

This Nest Smart Thermostat can lower your energy bills, program temperature schedules, and even adjust the temperature throughout your home. According to Nest, it pays for itself in less than two years.

$115 at Amazon

A happy customer said, “I’m glad I replaced my Honeywell thermostat with this thermostat. You can adjust the settings as often as you like from your phone, even when you’re not home. It has the ability to pre-set set temperature preferences so it turns the AC up when you’re not home and down when it detects movement again. Overall great functionality and modern look that takes my living room to the next level.”

  • August Wi-Fi, (4th Generation) Smart Lock

    $140$230Save $90


  • Level Lock Smart Lock Touch Edition

    $229$329Save $100


  • Nest Cam Indoor Wired to Nest Cam with Floodlight

    $260$380Save $120


Best Cyber ​​Monday gaming deals


Clutch GM11 gaming mouse

$20$30Save $10

A comfortable, top-rated mouse for just $20? We’re in. With five different sensitivity levels and all the RGB any self-respecting player could ask for, it’s a solid choice for competitive games.

$20 at Amazon

“The fact that it’s extremely light makes it very manoeuvrable. The included kickstand makes it very convenient to also just set the mouse aside for a few hours to charge,” said one gamer.

One customer said, “I love the soundproofing and the fact that I can turn off the mic at any time. I’ve used these every day since they arrived.”

“Very good quality monitor. Great to use as my primary monitor with my ASUS G703 GXR ROG gaming laptop i9-9980HK and Nvidia Geforce 2080 RTX graphics card. I have my laptop screen as my dual monitor with no issues or performance degradation in all my games on ultra settings. Great sturdy monitor stand that is easy to assemble,” said one gamer.

  • MSI Vigor Backlit Gaming Keyboard (Vigor GK30 White US)

    $31$44Save $13


  • Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World – Nintendo Switch

    $35$40Save $5


  • Asus WiFi 6 Gaming Router (RT-AX86S)

    $230$250Save $20


  • ViewSonic curved 1440p gaming monitor

    $260$310Save $50


  • iBUYPOWER Gaming PC Computer Desktop

    $1,495$1,600Save $105


The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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