The next Guilty Gear Strive DLC fighter has leaked thanks to data mining

Sin Kiske is the latest character to join Guilty Gear Strive as DLC through the Season Pass 2. Additionally, there are only two characters left for the Season Pass 2, both of which will be released in 2023.

However, it looks like we won’t have long to wait before we learn more about the identity of the next DLC fighter. We’re going to talk about one dates my past this point may reveal what’s next for Guilty Gear Strive’s DLC.

Hidden in the game’s code are two dialogue subtitles aimed at Sin Kiske. These dialogue exchanges usually take place at the start of each match.

Although the text for the dialogue is purposely left blank, an abbreviation of relevant letters in the character’s name would be present here. Whoever the next DLC fighter is, they’ll be referred to as “DLL” in-game.

Based on this, it has been strongly suggested that Delilah, Bedman’s younger sister, will be the next combatant for Guilty Gear Strive. Like Sin Kiske, Delilah is a character who appeared in Another Story by Guilty Gear Strive before being made playable.

If Delilah really is the next fighter, then she would be a newcomer to the Guilty Gear series. This is similar to how Goldlewis Dickinson and Happy Chaos were characters represented in Guilty Gear Strive’s story mode before becoming full-fledged fighters via DLC.

Because of this, it is not really known what kind of fighter Delilah would be in Guilty Gear Strive. Maybe she’s picking up some cues from her brother, Bedman. We’ll just have to wait and see if it actually works out that way.

Additionally, it appears that references to Slayer can still be found in Guilty Gear Strive’s code. While he was seemingly slated for DLC in Season 1, it’s entirely possible he’s been moved to the last slot of the second wave of DLC.

Watch the video of Rooflemonger talking about Delilah and Slayer below:

It is of course important to keep in mind that all rumors should be taken with a grain of salt. Plenty of characters leaked via data mining for Season 1 haven’t become playable yet, though it’s suspected that Arc System Works may have changed things up a bit.

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