‘This is why I hate children’

A social media watchdog perhaps summed it up best: “‘My parents would have thrown me off the plane mid-flight.’

Wild footage of a little boy terrorizing a planeload of passengers is viewed millions of times – and sparks a heated argument over how the parents should have “handled” the situation.

The now-viral footage was first posted on Reddit’s popular “Public Freakout” section on Wednesday under the title “letting kids run wild on an 8-hour flight,” sparking nearly 20,000 “upvotes” and comments like “this should should be an ad for condoms” and “that’s why I hate kids, especially this toddler age.”

The kicker shot shows the pig-tailed hellion – “presumably from the US” on an as-yet unknown airline – energetically jumping up and down on a tray, visibly shocking the male passenger sitting in the seat directly in front of her.

While he seemed to be keeping his temper with the – according to Reddit commentators – “little brat”, outraged viewers did no such thing, instead pouring heaps of parenting advice.

“I may be horrible, but I never wanted a tray table to fail catastrophically while I was watching it,” joked an exasperated commenter. “The poor man in front.”

Another rabble-rouser on Reddit agreed: “I would NEVER allow one of my children to disturb anyone in this way. Talking a little loud is one thing. Letting your toddler jump on plane seats while holding on to someone else’s (strange) seat is all WRONG. I hope that man has been compensated somehow. The parents probably saw nothing wrong with this. UNACCEPTABLE!!!”

One immediately got to the parental point: “I’d feel like a failed parent if my kids did this and I just allowed it,” while others were more considerate of in-flight hygiene standards: “The bouncing is obviously irritating but also the bare feet on the tray table… Always wipe your station people.

Outraged viewers shared a wealth of parenting advice in the now-viral video thread.

Meanwhile, some social media warriors tried to blame the plane’s cockpit crew: “Shouldn’t the flight attendants have intervened?” one commenter wondered. “If so, I hope the passenger has been reimbursed by the airline.”

Ironically, a flight attendant went viral this week by revealing who she and her colleagues consider to be the “most hated passengers” on flights: And they’re not disruptive kids.

In fact, it’s often the frustrated people who complain about said misbehaving kids who put the “ass” in “passenger,” according to Kat Kalamani, a six-year veteran of the friendly skies.

Amid non-stop tales of nightmarish airline passengers, this former American flight attendant clears the skies where flyers are most annoying — which, contrary to popular belief, aren’t crying babies. Indeed, the passengers who annoy cabin crew the most are the people who complain about crying babies, she claimed in a clip with almost 2 million views.

“I promise you, there is nothing that irritates us more as flight attendants [than] when people complain about crying babies,” Kalamani said. Accompanying footage shows an angry-looking “Karen” on a secret flight silencing a baby who throws a tantrum from the screen.

While these passengers may see themselves as heroes of the flight, they’re actually annoying both staff and fellow travelers, according to The Post’s previous coverage of her clip.

Instead of booing about roaring babies, Kalamani suggests that distressed passengers prepare by bringing “noise-cancelling headphones” — or maybe (gasp) just politely “ask the parent if they need help.”

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