Video: Here’s an extended look at Fire Emblem Engage for Nintendo Switch

Image: Nintendo

Update [Wed 23rd Nov, 2022 13:30 GMT]: Previously only available in Japanese, Nintendo has now published the new five-minute trailer for Fire Emblem Engage in English, titled ‘Engaging With Emblems’.

The trailer gives us a bit more information on how the series’ returning characters will play their part in combat as emblems. Using Emblem Rings will spawn abilities of the returning heroes, giving your units boots through additional weapons and abilities.

Watch the English trailer below for a full look at what’s to come in Fire Emblem Engage.

Original article [Wed 23rd Nov, 2022 04:30 GMT]: One game to look forward to early next year is Fire Emblem Engage – the latest installment in Intelligent Systems’ turn-based tactical RPG series.

Leading up to the January 2023 launch, Nintendo introduced new characters and even shared some video footage, and now we have yet another trailer. This one is in Japanese, but still offers a comprehensive view – showcasing Alear, relationships and more!

And here’s some more information about the game’s story, straight from the PR:

“In a war against the Fell Dragon, four kingdoms teamed up with heroes from other worlds to seal this great evil. A thousand years later, this seal has weakened and the Fell Dragon is about to reawaken. As a Divine Dragon, use rich strategies and robust customizations to meet your destiny – to collect emblem rings scattered around the world and bring peace back to the continent of Elyos Summon and fight alongside legendary heroes of the past Fire emblem games, like Marth and Celica, and add their power to yours in this new story. The turn-based, tactical combat system the Fire emblem series is known for returning with a new cast of characters that you can customize and team up with to carefully craft your strategy.”

You can get a full overview of all the characters in Fire Emblem Engage in our Nintendo Life guide:

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