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If you’re about to buy your first gaming PC, you’ve probably already realized that gaming PCs aren’t like the others. Often these PCs are not ready-made, so you will have to invest more money to buy specific parts. After all, you want your machine to serve you well in online multiplayer battles. However, what would be the most important part of a great gaming computer?

Cyber ​​Frankenstein

There’s no way out: when you really get into gaming, you need to tune up your machine. For starters, you can buy a good computer, but it probably won’t consist entirely of the “best parts” on the market. But that’s the level of excellence you need to stand a chance in an arena with the pros.

The good news is that not every online game is that demanding. For example, games like those on sites like the Comeon Canada platform can run on any computer or mobile device. However, MOBA and MMORPG games may require more advanced hardware. Here are some of the parts most commonly replaced for gaming purposes.

Random-access memory (RAM)

Random-access memory is where your computer stores information that needs to be accessed quickly. Thus, a large RAM means a faster computer that can process larger amounts of information efficiently. In addition, they guarantee that your orders are processed quickly. So your PC will not lag behind your competitors.


You need storage space to store bulky games and game-related media files. Here you can choose between HDDs (hard drives) or SSDs (solid-state drives). SSDs are faster than HDDs, but both types serve to store your files. However, the second type allows you to access it faster.


If the motherboard isn’t the most important part of your PC, it’s a strong candidate. The motherboard hosts all the hardware in your machine. So it is of utmost importance to choose one that is compatible with the other parts you want to buy. Some of them come with integrated Wi-Fi systems and graphics cards.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Also referred to as processor, the CPU is what makes your PC work. The CPU manages the communication between different systems in the computer. It is also responsible for sending information from one PC to another. A top-notch CPU is essential for a seamless gaming experience. It’s arguably the most important part of any PC, gamer or otherwise.

Body and soul

A killer gamer PC requires the best technology available from start to finish. Since it is very difficult to find such computers on the shelves, most of these machines are custom-made. Motherboards and CPUs compete tooth and nail for the title of “most important component” of a gaming PC. Still, the debate is pointless; one cannot do without the other. Only a premium motherboard can contain premium CPUs and other components. However, a great motherboard would be of little use with a bad CPU. In fact, every little bit counts when it comes to building a professional slot machine. Even the case choice can be more than just aesthetic and serve for cooling, improving the performance of your PC.

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